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To compound the villainy, media is now encoded in many different containers e.

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This all came into sharp focus on a recent project in which we had embedded a dozen video clips into a presentation only to find that the user could not play a single one of them. Download video embedding tool now from our Resources page. Simply email the ppsx file and ask the recipient to open it and follow the instructions. All being well there will be at least one or two clips that play correctly, and those clips will tell the viewer which container and codec combination worked for them.

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Armed with this intel, you simply need to get hold of a freeware video converter I heartily recommend AnyVideoConverter for this , and apply the correct settings to convert the video into the right format. Then insert it into the PowerPoint, and everything should run like a cinematic dream. At some point, most of us will be required to record ourselves speaking, whether it's recording a podcast, adding voice-over to a presentation, or creating an on-demand webinar.

Like most people, you probably don't enjoy hearing yourself speaking on 'tape', but here are a few ways to make sure that everyone else will.

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We share our practical tips, technology approach, and best practices for adding voice to PowerPoint - either by recording audio directly in PowerPoint or importing audio and setting timings. BrightTALK has built up a fantastic community that puts on some great webinars, and the platform is a joy to use.

The only issue for us was the way it converts PowerPoint slides - by snapshotting each one and displaying it as a static image.

How To Fix 64bit Codecs Error in PowerPoint

Effective static slides, or bust. Thank you,thank you. I downloaded Any Video Converter and it works like a charm… after days of trying all sorts of other tricks, then this works, like that. Thanks again.

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Just curious if I can use the freeware tool AnyVideoConverter for when I am doing a PowerPoint presentation in class, but with another computer? FixLinks prevents broken links when you distribute PowerPoint presentations. Shape Styles brings styles to PowerPoint. Apply complex formatting with a single click. Install Flip4Mac , which lets QuickTime play. Change the file's extension to. WMV is primarily a Windows movie file format. Sign Up. This video is embedded into the slide, and I'm pretty certain that the video is in WMV format.

One option would be to go back and convert the video to MP4 and re-insert the video.

For reference, I'm using fully updated Office I'm using Yosemite I've installed VLC, which seems to be a stand-alone player that won't help me play videos inside PowerPoint. I'm more of a PC guy than a Mac guy, so I'd appreciate any help that you can provide. Thank you. Overall: Level 9. SBS 8.

Why Can't I Add MKV to PowerPoint for Presentation?

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