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I searched in the usual obvious places but was unable to find it. I'm trying to determine whether I will need to remove the entire optical drive or not. And even if I do, will that give me any greater access to the stuck CD -- assuming I don't smash the old optical drive with a proverbial hammer? Is it possible to just remove the optical drive entirely? I accidentally tore the thermal sensor connector completely off the motherboard when replacing the harddrive with a bigger one, and now the optical drive fan is running at full speed constantly.

How to Replace a Mac Mini DVD with a Hard Drive - dummies

The link for optical drive repair points to the wrong tutorial snow leopard installation , at least on the french version. Miguel Cartagenova - January 3 Reply. Help Translate iFixit. Difficulty Difficult. Steps Time Required Suggest a time?? Sections 8. Flags 0. Introduction Use this guide to completely replace your optical drive. Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Step 1 Bottom Cover. Add a comment. Add Comment Cancel.

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Step 2. Step 3 Fan. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6 Cowling. Step 7. One comment. Step 8 Antenna Plate. I can just about live with it, though it does make re-sale impossible, unless I source a replacement panel, which I would do if it was an opportunity to upgrade, though that would present additional problems.

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It doesn't bother me when gaming. What does bother me is how loud the iMac is as a screen when gaming from the Hackintosh. Widening the optical drives slot won't be fun. I might just carefully drill out some holes, there, and try and make them look as meant as possible. I don't usually look at the iMac, side on. Whereas people who enlarge the slot at the top back, even done neatly, it stands out like a sore thumb that Ives would have had nothing to do with.

Thanks for your thoughts. It's frustrating not being able to find other people who have done this. I thought it would be the most elegant solution, especially the number of people I found who complained that heat was damaging the screen vertical lines and likely reducing the life expectancy of the components.

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My temps have always been at the upper end of what was deemed acceptable by Apple. I used a fan control app but that defeated the purpose of having an iMac, the relative silence. Plus, it seems unachievable when gaming via the external Mackintosh, when gaming under Windows Further thought to it.

I should have looked at the pictures that I took but looking at yours - thanks for posting them -putting a slot fan in the space could partially block off the existing fan below it. I need to think this through. I need to find an airflow chart for that model. I had wondered if replacing the existing hard drive with a 2.

I imagine Apple have the airflow highly optimised for the internals as they are and that replacing the 3. I get the impression that the presence of the optical drive, whether it is wired in or not, is necessary to properly duct the air. At the moment, I am thinking of adding an even and carefully drilled line of holes below the vent slot. On Youtube there is a video of someone who used a CNC machine to drill-saw that slot and make it about five times wider than it is.

He saw quite a significant drop in temperatures. Last edited: Jul 23, Making a shroud that looks good, keeping to the clean lines minimalism and high quality materials Apple ethos. Hmm, let's think this through. How about a bamboo pipe, with concealed fans at either end? The pipe would have a slot that runs along most of its length, a slot that lines up with the vent slot at the back of the iMac.

Problems:- The pipe would need to be of a fairly narrow diameter, or it would stand out like a sore thumb. There would be a trailing mains wire for the fans. A small-ish gauge pipe, if the fans are to be concealed within the pipe, would require small fans, which are generally audible and the pipe would possibly amplify them.

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Solutions:- The pipe could be held on with industrial strength Velcro, which I already have. Spin the fans slowly enough that they will be all-but inaudible Line the pipe with felt to dampen high frequency fan noise Conceal the fans mains cable by carefully routing it through the iMac's vent slot. Questions:- Does anyone know of good quality relatively quiet very small fans? Any thoughts welcome.

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Tiny fans in a tube, I can't see it working, it would just be noisy, so I am working on a less pretty proof of concept. Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. Active 6 years, 1 month ago.

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Viewed times. I wonder if the Mac mini needs the optical drive for work, or if I can just remove it? Just a note that if you have the Apple external drive, it will not work with a Mac which "already has" an internal drive. I think this limitation holds true, even if the internal drive is broken or removed. Just for the record: I now have the Mac mini and it's so quiet and uses so few power, that I'm perfectly happy with it, even with the DVD drive.