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Sysadmins know better but don't argue because no one does anything important on Macs anyway. In addition, Macs are becoming more of a target as many users don't belive there is a threat. Well said. All machines should have an AV installed no matter how low the risk. No, we do not use anti-virus software on our macs. Our macs are running: 9 os x Could the person who voted me down please add a comment to let me know what I have done wrong here? I would like to correct it to protect my reputation. Is it the practice of not putting anti-virus on macs, or that my answer was somehow inappropriate for serverfault?

I believe I answered the question thoroughly and concisely, how does that deserve a downvote? Good comment. You simply stated an opinion and how you manage.

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Sounds like an answer for consideration. I'm guessing some people are very zealous in the idea that Macs aren't immune to viruses, but I'm guessing. I really wish that there was a way to encourage feedback on downvotes such as losing more of your own rep if you just downvote but mitigate it by leaving a note why , but that's for meta I guess.

I didn't downvote you so I don't know. As your original unedited asnwer was a direct answer to the question that was posed there can be no valid reason for a down vote. It is however an unfortunate fact that there are quite a few people on this site that down vote because they don't like the answer, even though they clearly haven't properly read the question. As you have seen, I've added more content, which hopefully gives readers better understanding of my answer. And much love to the folks who have seen that I was doing my best to create good content for this great site.

John Gardeniers. I totally agree. The security doomsayers have been talking about the upcoming virus tsunami coming for Unix, Linux and Mac since at least Linux has significant marketshare outside of the US, and Mac has a substantial marketshare within the US. Where's the beef? Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe it's only a matter of time.

It's just that I'm not convinced that time has arrived just yet. Bart Silverstrim. I'll also add that this might be better as a wiki question, since it's rather subjective depending on perspective and seems to be more of a poll. Clinton Blackmore.

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I'm sure it was in my email. This discussion is worth reading as there are "no free lunches". There's a price to pay for everything, even a free lunch. Macs are loved, almost blindly, by Mac enthusiasts. I am one. But I have no malice toward MS for what it is creating. I do think the Unix kernel makes Macs more stable, reliable and easy to use.

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I think all of us who had to deep 6 our pre-OSX machines were ticked that Apple would no longer support them, but in the end it has been good for all of us. If Bill deep 6'd the older code in Windows there'd probably be a huge out cry initially, but then things would improve. He's trying to be all things to all people and we know you can't win that game.

I will keep my OS updated. Enjoy my dependable, well built machine which worked after being submerged while asleep in my backpack when a waterbottle lid came loose It has fallen off the top of may car twice… I put it there to be "safe" because I was loading my car… jeez. It was stepped on once and looks like it has been to Afghanistan. But here I am using it. And updating my Sophos. Thank you for having it.

I agree with the idea of belt and suspenders. Sophos can't hurt a product that is already very capable, it can only help it. Very interesting and good to know there are humans out there checking on these threats, especially since I was interested in buying a Mac. Now I'll just stick with my good, old Windows PC. There are a number of users in the Linux community thinking there are no threats for mainstream Linux OSs.

Canonical even claims to have "Antivirus protection" in their latest Ubuntu version Things like: 1 Browser hacks through Mozilla in an Ubuntu System. Google, official Ubuntu forums 3 Ubuntu systems getting hacked. Does Sophos AV for Mac scan, detect, and remove malware associated with kernel extensions kext files? I would like to see more in the way of kext, and plist, checks. I used to subscribe to a Mac forum and the newsletter was sent out regularly.

One day, it came to me 'loaded' spoofed brilliantly, in fact — one of the links which was particularly interesting didn't go where it should have ….

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Mac may have few viruses now but as Apple becomes more dominant surely they will attract more attention. It seems foolhardy not to have a deterrent in place. On the basis of the evidence can you really communicate to all your users within an organization to use Mac instead of Windows and don't bother installing AV.

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Brave and waiting for the problems to come. Thanks to Sophos at least some people will have some infastructure in place if a major issue is out there in the wild. And the rest what will they be thinking … 'you told me i didn't need an AV — i trusted you'….

Sure Macs are great computers, but I think that Apple should have never pushed the "Macs can't get viruses". Its impossible for an operating system, as of now, to be completely immune from malware or trojans, but it is possible for an os to be extremely complicated to infect. Macs can be infected.

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All it takes is a social engineering trick to get you to install something and your Mac is infected. I skim read a lot of the time, but if I do comment, I always go back and read the article properly — just in case I missed something. Even Macs are likely to get infected through these attacks. The attacks are getting more sophisticated, and are using social engineering techniques which also have gotten more sophisticated. Be very wary of the websites you go to. The threat is real, and I highly recommend anyone who owns a Mac to download and install Sophos Anti-Virus.

As I explained to a friend who's computer I was scanning for malware, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack… and you don't know how big the haystack is… or how many needles there are… or if there are any needles at all. You might search and search and find nothing, but that doesn't mean there aren't any needles viruses. You might find one needle, or two, but you don't know if you've got them all. Yeah, we are all vulnerable, not just to the malware we know about but to the malware we don't know about.

Most viruses and malware are downloaded from peer to peer sites, windows or mac so if you want to be safe buy your software from a legitimate sources. Actually, the first Excel macro viruses was designed for Excel 5. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Skip to content. XG Firewall. Intercept X. For Home Users. Free Security Tools. Free Trials. Product Demos. Award-winning computer security news. Previous : Two free Southwest Airlines Tickets? Next : iPhone 5 emails infect Windows PCs with malware. Free tools Sophos Home for Windows and Mac. Hitman Pro. Sophos Mobile Security for Android. Virus Removal Tool. Antivirus for Linux. Well, that would be commercial suicide on our part wouldn't it?

Is there any effect of the system slowing down post-install?

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Thats a paradox if I ever saw one. Great article btw. Trojan horses do not contain any code to distribute or spread themselves, viruses and worms do. Of course Not all Mac users have their head burried in the sand in fact most DO NOT Apple has had some great some great products come out over the years across various platforms and no im not just heading toward the old cliche of market share making you worth the hit but has become a bigger target and is growing.

I think you mean Ostrich, not Emu. Carry on.. Bah humbug.

So what you are saying is that your Mac is immune to every threat out there? Just want to say many thanks for the free anti virus program!!! Makes me feel secure knowing that I have protection against the nasties out there. Again, many thanks. Cheers Graham. I think you are beeing very unfair, G. What are you, G Dean, an infant?

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Good article. Please, Mr. Graham Cluley, I'd appreciate it. Thank you for your time and work. IIC — Steven. It' staggering how many people don't grasp the FREE bit of this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To do this: Open System Preferences Open the App Store preference Make sure that Automatically check for updates and Install system data files and security updates are checked.

Have a look at this screenshot, taken from my Mac during the course of writing this column: IDG That, my friends, is a list of 30 potentially bad things that So, how do you keep your Mac from relaying Windows viruses to Windows users? At a Glance. Mark Allan ClamXav 2. Related: Security Antivirus Malware.