Transfer imovie mac to ipad

In the Projects browser , tap a project, then tap Edit. Tap the Add Media button , then tap Video. Save a clip to your Photos library: Tap its gray Download button. Remove a clip from your device: Tap its red Delete button.

Note: If the clip is currently used in a project, you must remove it from the timeline before deleting it. The next time you connect your device to your computer, you can import the movie file into a photos app, such as Photos, on your computer. To transfer your movie or trailer to your Mac or to another compatible iOS device such as iPad or iPhone , you can send the project to iTunes. Sending a movie or trailer to iTunes creates a consolidated version of the project—including all video clips, photos, and audio clips—that can be edited further.

The original movie or trailer remains on the device where it was created.

Transfer media from your Mac or Windows computer using iTunes

Tap the Share button , tap iTunes, then tap OK when the export is complete. Select iMovie in the Apps list below File Sharing you may need to scroll in the main window to see it. If your computer has iMovie for Mac If you use iCloud, you can save a movie or project file to iCloud Drive so that it can be stored in iCloud and accessed from another device. Tap the Share button , then tap iCloud Drive.

iMovie for iPhone Won't Work on iPad, Doesn't Export Projects to Mac | Cult of Mac

Do one of the following: From the Projects browser: Tap the movie or trailer you want to share. Share using Shared Albums If you use iCloud, you can add your movies or trailers to shared albums that others can view.

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  4. iMovie for iOS (iPad): Share to other devices or apps.

Do any of the following: Add a description to your movie: Type a description of the movie or trailer. Tap Post. Suggesting someone "Google it" is a good example of this.

How to share your iMovie for iOS video

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Tips for Moving iMovie (iMovie 11 included) Project to another Mac/PC or External Drive

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    Following are the steps to Save Videos from iMovie to the Camera Roll on iPad:

    How the heck do I transfer my iMovie library from Mac to iPad? I have an old MacBook with a lot of old videos on its iMovie library. How in the world can I transfer some of these videos to my iPad, preferably through iCloud Drive? Do you need the library with all the video clips needed for further editing or just the finished movie? So you could export the final movie to iCloud. This is what I do, once I have finished editing a movie I export to a video file and then I can view it but no longer need or want to further edit.

    I use iMovie infrequently, so I don't know the term for the theater.

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    But when I finish I export to a location outside of iMovie. Then I delete the project from the library.