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You cannot have empty layers in Export Kit, otherwise the export will stop on that layer. You Photoshop folder and layer structure is key to all designs as different environments have different requirements. There are situations where incorrect folders or layers can cause unwanted display errors in the output.

Organized designs also provide organized output, which is what your client wants! If you cluster elements into a single folder, that is how you output will render. Once your group your containers, go further by organizing your inner content into additional groups. This will result in much cleaner code. All image layers are rasterized and rendered as shown in your PSD. In reality, an image is an image! You do not save much by applying a drop shadow to an image at runtime vs. Export Kit has great Shape Support with optional vectors also.

There are no special settings required for processing shapes, simply use the shape tool and choose your shape, along with your desired shape options; Export Kit will do the rest. SVG and Vectors are used to render complex graphics which do not lose quality when scaled, this means that you can resize the graphic to any dimensions and it will always look pixel-perfect. Export Kit has great Text Support for justification for left, center and right; including various character styles and paragraphs when using text layers.

This is the default rendering of text layers when using the type tool. Label Text will render the content of the text layer based on its calculated pixel size. This is the secondary rendering of text layers when using the type tool. Paragraph Text will render the content of the text layer based on the size you draw the text layer. Character styles are supported in all environments by default without additional settings or external files. Not all environment support all characters.

Photoshop will use the text contents of layers as the name. There are some cases where a designer may use a price, phone number or address — which can result in an invalid layer name. This is possibly the most common designer error. If you design changes and your text needs to become larger — do not scale the text, but rather change the font size. Always use round values. Additionally only Adobe supports pixel-fractions.

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Using Google Fonts. We have a custom JavaScript for adding Google Fonts to any project or website without additional dependencies. The script is open-source and free as air, so use it any way you feel. Once the script links are added, there are no other options to configure. Google fonts will now auto-load.

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All layer effects are supported with shapes. Layer Tags Tags are custom names you can apply to elements in your document to convert them to respective objects in each environment. Layer Tags are very powerful and allow you to enhance your interactive output with common environment elements out-of-the-box. This tag can be used on both layers and folders to skip the element from processing during the export. This tag is great for keeping notes or custom elements within your document, used for reference rather than output.

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This tag will rasterize the contents of both layers and folders, converting the element to an image in the output. This will both save the image as the default image type and render the native environment image element. This tag is individually processed by each environment to open a web link only. The args must be a valid url, anchor or web script. Styles within a text block are just that — inline. Read more about using Paragraph Tag. All supported object tags will use native HTML5 controls for rendering media. The args must be a valid url.

Object Types youtube wav mp4 oog-video oog-audio webm swf wmv Read more about using Object Tag.

This will allow you to wrap the document folder contents into a Form element respective of the output environment. The Form element will enhance your interactive outputs adding the ability to build data-driven interactive applications from a single PSD file. Form Types get post Read more about using Form Tag. This will allow you to define many data elements and export them directly in your HTML5 webpage.

The contents of the text layer will be used as the value of the input element when processing the form. Input Types checkbox file hidden password radio reset text textarea submit Read more about using Input Tag. You can draw any paragraph text layer in your PSD, but you should try to keep the size and position of your code layer relative to your design. Various other options available to help you insert images, media, chart, table, text, textbox, fontwork, and effects are also available.

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It is quite simple and easy to use. There are a number of predefined settings available to make changes to the PSD files which can be applied with a single click. PSD files can also be rotated, zoomed, etc. Further, options can be chosen to display square output, set brightness, contrast, gamma, exposure, saturation, red balance, green balance, blue balance, noise, vignetting, and light opacity.

Different Filters, Quartz, and Generators can be applied so as to help you achieve desired effects. PSD files can be rotated, flipped, cropped, zoomed in, or zoomed out. Different Borders, frames, printable frames, border masks, and masks can be added. Other effects available to edit PSD on this free MAC PSD editor are: transform, color, focus, distortion, style, halftone, tile, lumine, overlap, stylize, distortion, utility, lines and fields, gradient, laying , etc.

Here the chance to work with layers is not provided. In order to make use of the full features, you have to log in to the software first. Using Autodesk Pixlr, you can choose the options to crop, straighten, resize, set auto contrast, autofix, heal, remove red eye, change focal , and apply splash. Different color, contrast, blur, sharpen, smooth, etc. There are a number of effect, overlay, border, stylize, and stickers to be applied on PSD files.

XnSketch is a simple sketching software that can be used to perform minor editing to PSD files. You are not allowed to work with layers in this software. There are options available to set brightness, contrast, gamma, exposure, exposure, saturation, edges, colors, opacity, etc. There are a number of selection options to choose from: rectangular selection, free form selection , and transparent selection. Add transformation and various effects to your PSD in this MAC PSD editor, such as: flip, crop, draw, erase, paint, insert text, make use of brushes, insert shapes, choose outline and fill options, etc.

In addition to working with layers, it has a whole suite of tools that you can use for editing PSD files: Layer Options: Add layers, layer groups, move layers, lock layers, lock pixels, lock alpha channels, layer filters, create duplicate layer, merge layer, and delete layer. Transformation Options: Flip, crop, resize, scale, shear, zoom, align, rotate, etc. Adjustments: Adjust color, hue, brightness, contrast, saturation, threshold, posterize, desaturate, etc.

Editing Tools: There are a number of editing tools like, frame, brush, text, rendering, 3D, pattern gradient, paint, pencil, eraser, etc. Filters Tools: Various filters tools can be chosen from a list of options, like, blur, enhance, distort, light and shadow, edge detect, noise, artistic, decor, map, render, animation, etc. Download Page Krita. Transformation option: PSD files can be sheared, cropped, rotated, mirrored, split, separated, and flipped. Editing tools : Shape handling, text, pattern editing, calligraphy, gradient editing, freehand brush, line, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, polyline, bezier curve, freehand path, dynamic brush, multi-brush, crop, move, layer transform, measure, fill, color selector, gradient, assistant, grid, perspective grid, rectangular selection, elliptical selection, polygon selection, outline selection, continuous selection, similar color selection, bezier curve selection, etc.

Filters: Adjust, artistic, blur, colors, edge detection, enhance, emboss, map, wave, noise, etc. Download Page Preview. Using Preview PSD files can be rotated, flipped, cropped, insert text, shapes, insert signature using a trackpad or iSight Camera. Colors can also be adjusted along with the options to set exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, temperature, tint, sepia, and sharpness. PSD can also be resized to required dimensions. Different shape, style, border color, fill color, and text styles can also be incorporated.

Home Page PhotoScape X. Transformation option: Rotate, straighten, flip, resize, crop, sharpen, vignetting, miniature, and bloom. Adjustments option: Auto level, auto contrast, blur, film grain, color emphasis, color replacement, white balance, backlight correction, etc. Effects Option: Edge, threshold, watercolor pencil, colored pencil, newsprint, crystallize, jitter, clear skin, cellophane, fisheye, illusion, reflection, dilate, erode, emboss, swirl, wave, motion blur, zoom blur, radial blur, glass tile, etc.

Film effect, duotone, light leak, frames, shapes, and border options can also be applied. Different options to insert stickers, images, text, filters, arrow, line and various other shapes are also available. For the inserted shape, a number of options can be selected, like: color, type, thickness, opacity, outline, drop shadow, outer glow, and gradient. The size, hardness, color, and opacity can be easily changed. Drag and drop PSD files you want to batch edit. Apply effects to PSD files from the options: resize, rotate, color mode, adjustment, effects, film effect, Frame, and Shape.

Add sticker, image, and text to PSD files if required. Choose the output options where you have to specify destination, output format, and naming options. Process the batch of images. Download Page PhotoPad. Transformation tools: Auto fix, crop, resize, flip, liquid resize, rotate, and change background options of PSD files. Selection tools: Rectangle selection, oval selection, polygon selection, free form selection, magnet selection, and wand selection. The selected area can be cropped or filled with a particular color as per the requirement.

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Color tools: Set brightness, contrast, exposure, color curves, color balance, set color levels, set auto levels, use auto fix, grayscale, saturation, hue, tint, temperature, and gradient map. Filters tools: Apply filters like sepia, negative, color boost, electric, vintage, aqua, redwood, sunglow, amber, orchid light, nocturnal, etc.