Mcdonald chef shows how to make big mac

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Move over, Bitcoin! There's a new global currency coming to town and it's something people can see, feel If you've been craving coins stamped with a burger, it's time to collect. This universal "food currency" is being launched to honor the Big Mac's 50th birthday and can be used in 50 different countries to score a free Big Mac.

Myths about McDonald's Food to Stop Believing | Eat This Not That

Unlike that bejeweled Big Mac, MacCoins will be a bit more attainable Starting at lunchtime on Thursday, customers who purchase a Big Mac will receive a free MacCoin at participating locations in the U. The coins can then be redeemed for a free sandwich starting on Friday.


They'll be valid through the end of the year at any participating location in the world. We're celebrating 50 years of Big Mac by creating a global currency—MacCoin—each one worth a free Big Mac around the , with 5 collectible designs for 5 legendary decades.

McDonald's secret sauce for Big Mac revealed

The videos are being made by McDonald's Canada, but one can't help but wonder if this is part of a larger campaign meant to drift through the Internet towards the American market. It doesn't seem like a stretch to say that, to American viewers, Canadians seem inherently trustworthy and pleasant, divorced from our bitter political lives. Will be used in accordance with our user agreement and privacy policy.

  1. Hamburger Chef, Jamie Oliver: "McDonald’s Burgers Are For Dogs, Not For Humans.".
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  4. Everything you ever wanted to know about how McDonald's food is made!
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    A Former McDonald's Employee Just Leaked The Most Disgusting Photos

    July 11, By Laura Edwins Contributer lauraedwins. Share this article Copy link Link copied.

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