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What has it been like going through that experience? I honestly don't think about it. At all. I think that's part of the reason why I'm able to do well or whatever, is 'cause I'm not thinking about it. Everything that happens has been kind of pre-planned and mapped out as far as the timing.

Either we hit our marks, or we fail. We just haven't reached a point of failure yet, on certain things. Certain things we have, certain things we haven't. It's just about keeping everything in check, keeping yourself in check. You know, it's just music.

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It's not real life. So that's always a soothing element. It's just fucking songs. I'm sure that what you're saying is right and accurate—that you don't think about it—but I always find it hard to believe, because, me personally, if I were in that situation— But it's not necessarily a situation I care about.

I never cared about being able to be an artist, or rapper, or musician, none of that shit. A lot of stuff comes from people having certain expectations. I don't have any expectations. Either it works or it don't. So it's not a dream, you know what I mean? People living out their dreams, that applies pressure.

It's not necessarily that for me. So I don't have that same pressure of it has to be this and perfect and that. I don't have any dreams of being on the stage or being at the Grammys and things like that that other artists have.

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I think that alleviates some of the stress or pressure that I'm certain that artists might feel. Because I've never spent a day in my life thinking about doing this.

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  8. How do you measure success then? I don't think you can measure success. It all depends on what you want. What do you want? I don't really want nothing, to be honest. I want to be able to take care of my family. That's it. I don't care about anything else. Is there anything, as an artist, about which you may feel misunderstood?

    Being misunderstood is subjective. Can you be misunderstood if you don't care if people understand you? Who needs to be understood? That's such a simple thing, to be understood. But we're not simple, as people, we shouldn't want to be simple. It comes back to what you were saying earlier about your music and how you don't necessarily want to break things down. I just got sick of that shit. I said it. These are words. Each word means each thing, and then you take the things that the words mean, and then you take those meanings, and then you decipher the deeper meaning to it based on how you personally feel.

    But everything means what it means. That's up to you to decipher. But we know what happened. The cat ran out-fuckin-side. We need to listen. People don't want to listen; they just want to be told what things are. Everything feels very literal. I'll give you two perfect examples directly involving me. I did something with some kind of thing.

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    I forgot who it was with. He has gills, he doesn't breathe. I don't know he has such good breath control. I don't have good breath control [ laughs ]. That's a fact. The fact of the matter is, I can't breathe. So if the fact of the matter is I can't breathe, if we're going so much based on what someone else says, then we're ignoring the fact that I'm onstage with an inhaler, you know what I'm saying?

    Pass that. Everyone has. And if you say you listen to my music, which I'm sure some of them have, then they know I've had a verse. It's a bad song. So if I say my album is about an experience I had one day at an AutoZone, people would run with that, and not be like, you're wrong. That would be a headline on so many different blogs.

    It's like, you're not smarter than me. I'm not smarter than you. All of our opinions matter just as much.

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    Just because I made it doesn't mean I have the full understanding of it. Somebody might understand you more than you understand yourself. So that's why I want people to listen to the music for themselves and take what they take from it. I read an interview once, somebody said my album is mostly about girls, and I was like, oh, it kinda is when you think about it.

    I never looked at it like that. Because I'm not making it for the sake of being artsy. I just make the songs. What are your thoughts on what happened this past summer, the whole 90s thing, with your tweets and your comments— I was right. And we agreed! But I'm just curious about what your thoughts on blog culture or the internet culture, the cycle of content, and what that's doing, either positively or negatively.

    It just is what it is. And the thing about the 90s thing is, we have such an arrogance when it comes to this hip-hop shit for no apparent fucking reason. You cannot name me one artist in that time period that was bigger, globally, than a 50 Cent or a Kanye West, or—that's when Jay Z got really big, in the s, or Eminem after his album came out in Lil Bow Wow was playing stadiums with Omarion. That means shit got huge. You get what I'm saying?

    But we can't be honest with ourselves. I feel like motherfuckers don't care about everything as a whole. They care about their spot in it. So if you were a part of this era, specifically, it's like, oh yeah, this was my shit. I was there, so fuck you.

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    Because I'm important, I'm special. No, you're not, nigga. You're not important. None of us are important. The songs are important. Fuck everybody else. I don't know who the John Lennon is of this rap shit. I don't know who the Little Richard is. We have these interesting characters, but we shun them. Young Thug does things and says things that make him a musician, a musical figure, in the history of how these people act, how they carry themselves, but we make fun of him, say he's gay.

    It just makes no sense to me. If we want to be honest, Eminem is the biggest rapper of all time, possibly. And before Eminem, there were—the conversation started from pop. And no one can name an artist bigger than the rappers now, bigger than Kanye West specifically, without it being kind of subjective. You can't name that. The pop star selling the records is married to the Kardashian.

    He's the biggest one. He's the rock star. He's the biggest artist, to me, in the world. Of course, there's always One Direction, all these type of people, but Kanye has the pop aspect. The people that know One Direction know Kanye. The motherfuckers where I live at don't know who those people are and can't point them out of a lineup, which means that they don't have the same reach. That's a big deal. These big ass stadiums are a big deal. In the early s it was like, Cash Money was playing arenas. There wasn't an arena show with these 90s dudes, and if it was, I haven't heard about it.

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    We're doing crazy shit now. Drake and Future just fucking played four nights at Madison Square Garden. Let's not pretend this has happened before. Why do you think people are so afraid to— Because they're not included in what's happening now. It's more so based about what they were doing at that time period. Larry Fisherman also exec. Vince Staples exec. Vincent Staples Malcolm McCormick. Staples McCormick Joseph Vercher. Staples McCormick Joseph Barnett.

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