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Some photographers choose it because they think it's easier, faster, and does a better job. Why not give it a try? Here's a workflow procedure I often use. First you need to open your jpg or other format in Camera Raw. If you double-click on a Raw In Canon a CR2 file extension, but will vary with manufacturer image in Bridge , it will automatically open in Camera Raw.

A jpg will not. An easy way to open a jpg in Raw is to choose the image in Bridge, and then under the File pulldown, choose Open in Camera Raw. Or even easier you can merely click on the tiny aperture icon at top left of Bridge menu bar, as circled in the illustration hover over tools for descriptions. Note a great thing about Camera Raw in Bridge is that all your adjustments are right there in a handy slider toolbox at the right. White Balance is at the top of the list. You might begin by wondering if the Camera Raw software is smarter than your eye.

Depends; photo adjustment is an art, really, and what looks good to you may not look good to the next shooter.

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But you can use technology to aid art. The histogram at top shows distribution of colors and tones. The dark triangle icons at top can be toggled on to warn us of clipping in either the highlight and shadow areas. That is, paper white or ink black with no detail, no ability to see anything in the light and dark areas. The ideal photograph contains detail in both highlight and shadow areas, with the exception of a few spectral highlights—the glint off chrome, for example—and black shadows—the keyhole in the door. We do need a little jet black and paper white to give the photo snap.

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But not too much. Note the example below, showing the clipping blown out highlights in the background.

We want to try to minimize this. Most photographers do it by sight, though, without so much need to consult a histogram. But it is a bit magenta to me. Note: Raw files give you several Auto options. Slider note: You can go back to the default setting by double-clicking on the slider.

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We can use Exposure to lighten or darken the entire scene. I first try the Auto adjust, but I often find it is a little too light or dark for me. So instead I slide the exposure a bit to the left or right as needed. It improved the photo of the punts boats on the river above, but I still have a large area of blown out highlight in foreground water. How to adjust? You can try to darken it a bit with the Highlights or the Whites slider. The shadow areas can be deepened using the Blacks slider. Dragging to the right seems to make the color more saturated—a principle also used in color printing.

It may seem like nothing is different. Camera Raw itself looks the same as it did before.

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But something is different. If we look closely, we see Photoshop, not Bridge, in the Background. This is how we know that Camera Raw is being hosted by Photoshop:. I'll again click the Done button in the lower right corner of the Camera Raw dialog box to close out of it, just as I did before:. But this time, look what happened. I'm still in Photoshop, even though I have no image open and no particular reason to be here.

My workflow has hit a bit of a dead end:. To get back to Adobe Bridge from here so I can select another image to work on, I'd need to go up to the File menu in Photoshop and choose Browse in Bridge. This will switch me back to Bridge, but obviously, it would have been faster if I had been returned to Bridge automatically, which is what would have happened if I had been running Camera Raw in Bridge to begin with:. Now that we've seen the advantage of hosting Camera Raw in Bridge, wouldn't it be great if we could have Camera Raw hosted in Bridge simply by double-clicking on an image?

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As luck and Adobe would have it, there is! We've seen that by default, double-clicking on an image in Bridge launches Camera Raw hosted by Photoshop, but there's an option in the Bridge Preferences to change that behavior. On a Mac, go up to the Adobe Bridge menu and choose Preferences :.

This opens the Preferences dialog box set to the General options. By default, it's disabled. Click inside its checkbox to enable it:. Click OK to close out of the Preferences dialog box, and now, every time you double-click on an image in Bridge to open it in Camera Raw, you'll be hosting Camera Raw in Bridge. And there we have it! Check out our Photo Retouching section for more Photoshop image editing tutorials! Get all of our Photoshop tutorials as PDFs!

Sounds like it's a very convoluted problem. I too am beyond frustrated with Adobe in this respect. Been battling this same issue for awhile now - not to mention the updater probelms I've encountered with the Production Premium suite. To spend the amount of money I have for the product - it should, without issue, run properly.

Furthermore, the traditional, "please read our diluted technical white sheet" is rediculously juvenile. Two thumbs down for Adobe. Jason F. Had the same problem for weeks- just found this answer and it works! Thereafter on clicking the "Camera Raw Preferences", you will not get the message "Camera Raw editing is not enabled. Camera Raw editing requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature. Worked for me! I have the same problem, but nothing i tried, worked for me This should fix it.

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You must have a full edition - Cracked or legal, this should work. In your Adobe Photoshop Folder , find the amtlib. Copy this one. Find the aforementioned. Bridge, Extension manager, or whatever. Copy a backup or rename them to something like amtlib.

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Paste the. Then you Open in Camera Raw.

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If this doesn't work, delete "artificial". Don't delete the original file. Replace or rename the original. Had to sign up to thank Andy.