An entrepreneurial mind is always looking for new ideas. But it’s not just about coming up with new ideas, it is also about solving problems.


A casual talk with the CEO of a company led to the start of a great journey. He mentioned that he is looking for someone with experience who can work on an idea. This triggered a thought- can we help him get exactly who he is looking for?
Here was someone who had a problem. Can we solve it?


Sandeep referred a close friend to him and voila! She got an offer within a week!
We realized then that this had happened because Sandeep knew the requirements and the strengths of his friend as well as what the CEO was looking for.

Bingo – it was a perfect match!


We knew then, that if we can efficiently match the requirements and the profiles, we could not only speed up the hiring process but make it more productive for both parties. This triggered a chain of thoughts and Sadepach Labs was born!


We had excellent industry experience and spoke the language of the candidates as well as companies.

How hard could it be to find the right people? We will find the right people and match them with companies’ requirements.

Simple, right? Nope, not at all!

This was far easier said than done. It’s not as simple as it looks!
We got exposed to an entirely new set of challenges which we never knew existed for interviewees, interviewers or recruiters.


So What Are The Major challenges In The Hiring process?


As we saw it, these were the major hurdles in the hiring process.

1. Job descriptions don’t convey actual roles and responsibilities causing candidates to misunderstand what the job actually entails.

2. Resumes don’t communicate a candidate’s abilities/interests, and what she/he is looking for in the next job.

3. The first step of resume-screening is generally text matching, which does not get into the depths of the requirements or capabilities of the candidate.

4. Interviewers are rarely trained for interviews, it’s mostly gut-feel based hiring.

5. The type of questions asked at interviews may not assess the real proficiency of the candidates for the job which they have applied for and that makes it difficult to compare candidates across the board.

6. Humans tend to be prejudiced, and this affects the selection process. The selection process is affected by biases of all the people involved.

7. Candidates are often left wondering about the interview and very rarely receive feedback. This makes the interview process even more intimidating. Often, a little preparation goes a long way in getting a good candidate in the place he/she belongs.


There is a definite need for a standardized process.

Any problem directly related to humans is very complex in nature and judging someone’s abilities in the short span of an interview process is very difficult. We understand this problem very well.


We have been on both sides of the table! So we decided to take a stab at it and started working with software startups.


We have been working with these companies for more than six months now. The results have been more than encouraging, and companies have shown faith in our thought process. Candidates also feel like they are in safe hands because they now have someone looking out for them as well!


We believe we can improve the overall scenario of the hiring process and change the way people look at the interview process to get the right people for the right jobs. It shouldn’t just be a shot in the dark. Let there be light!


We will be sharing our thoughts and experiences as we progress.
We will be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on

3 thoughts on “Introducing Sadepach Labs

  1. Great share.
    Interesting story about sadepach Labs,
    The idea is good, It really solved the problem to put right people in right place.

    Many people get frustrated with interviews. After some time they chose the wrong place. So everything is less productive for both sides. this is one of the problems. And you already listed many common problems. After sorting those all problem I think, It is really hard to get someone to right place.

    I am hoping your process will change the hiring process.

    My best wishes to sadepach labs team!

  2. Idea appears very noble but I am surprised if this is the first such organisation to identify the deficiencies in the recruitment process. Issues cited looks very obvious and with so much progress in HR, these should have already been addressed. For the noble idea, I wish Sadepach Labs best wishes.

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